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Borrower rating at loan publication

location_on CA, United States

warning Borrowed $2,883 | 28% paid on time


account_balance_wallet 4,000 USD gross monthly revenue, self-employed

business Works in wholesale and retail trade

Working capital loan

ID: 35QQ617KP0

I'm an experienced online seller that's been selling on the eBay platform for about 7 years now with about 4 years of experience selling on Amazon and about 2 years on Swappa.

I made approximately $60,000 in sales in the past 12 months but now I'm really looking to start taking my business to a new level.

While I intend to continue finding used items from time to time, I would like to expand into buying things at wholesale prices to resell. The thing is that I have very little experience doing so and that is why I'm looking for a loan to help me do just that. Basically, the loan would be used for purchasing the right kind of items to be able to resell online; I currently can't do that with my current budget.

I am always reachable by e-mail, phone, or text almost any time of day. I am looking forward to building my credit history with you all and to hopefully create new relationships for future funding opportunities.


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