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location_on Leningradskaya obl., Russia

warning Borrowed 0.30 and $581 | 50% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 4,350 USD gross monthly revenue, salaried

business Works in transportation and storage

Other loan

ID: 35F9C37K5G

Part of the funds I decided to spend for charity .. We are in constant pursuit of profit and forget about those who need our help. And perhaps your investment, even in the amount of $ 1, will be small brick in the big brick wall of assistance to those who need help.
My shop, which I opened in St. Petersburg this year, has been very successful investing. Today, the store has a good reputation in the city. And i have orders from all Russia.
I have a 100% good plan to increase profits from existing pre-orders for the equipment. This is due to the fact that customers pay a small part of the advance payment for the goods which my store will deliver to the client. For the purchase of equipment, I decided to take the credit on this board. I want to note that the loan will be repaid ahead of schedule. I need to purchase goods from the supplier and make delivery the customer.


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