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location_on Leningradskaya obl., Russia

warning Borrowed 0.30 and $581 | 50% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 4,350 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in transportation and storage

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Hello all member's BitBond!
Loan objective: Small-size cargo transportation a car purchase. My work place company regulations don’t forbid me to give for a lend my personal car to the wage drivers of company. A car will be used in the company activity by the way of company drivers lend handing over. The vehicle will be operated (24/7/365). As the company has it own service station vehicle, repair and maintenance expenses will be considerably lower, which would allow have to me higher profits of using a car.
How i repay loan?
I have stable day job and stable salary + bonus and the profit that the car is going to bring to me. This factors will allow me to repay the loan without a big problem. I want to notice, the loan is repay to prior due date. A Plan of full repay loan is December 2016. The early repay loan is a very good plus for my investors.


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