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location_on Cebu, Philippines

warning Borrowed $229 | 50% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 18,567 PHP monthly income, salaried

business Works in manufacturing

Investment loan

ID: 308RJ976KS

I am Dexter Ian. I am currently employed as a Process Quality Engineer in a multinational Manufacturing Company.
To increase my savings and spend my extra time with something productive, i am actively trading in the forex and stock market. i have several trading accounts with recognized brokers and a greater prtoportion of my funds is invested at My trade size is currently limited due to insufficient funds. i wish to address this constraint by requesting for a loan. if my loan is granted, i will diversify my portfolio to shield it from market volatility by opening positions with commodities, indexes, bonds and other instruments.
With sufficient capital, i could generate a greater revenue and i assure a full repayment of my loan through it. i have standby funds from my working income and it will serve as a complement in repaying my loan.
i am looking forward for a favorable response for this loan request.
Thank you all very much!
Dexter Ian Abragan


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