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location_on NSW, Australia

thumb_up Borrowed 2.10 and $178 | 91% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 1,920 AUD monthly income, self-employed

business Works in professional, scientific and technical activities

Investment loan


I am a self-employed software developer, who is studying part-time to become a teacher. I have approximately 3 years’ study remaining.

I need the loan to buy a replacement car. My car is old, and costs too much to own and maintain. I need something more economical and reliable to traverse the long distances I drive on a regular basis.

I have some money saved (AU$1000), but I require finance for the remainder (AU$3300).

Repayments for the loan will come from my regular self-employment income (contract software development), which is steady and reliable.

This is my second loan, the first I paid in full, on time. My loan payment history was 6 on time, 0 late, 0 overdue, and my loan history is one repaid in full, no others taken, this one in funding.

I value my credit rating here on Bitbond, and I appreciate the ability to take out simple finance as a self-employed individual, who has part-time study obligations.

Thank you all for considering my application.


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