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Borrower rating at loan publication

location_on SC, Brazil

warning Borrowed $2,498 | 28% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 23,740 BRL gross monthly revenue, self-employed

business Works in administrative and support service activities

Investment loan

ID: 2W0C1G5838

I run an air conditioning business in Brazil and since it's summer here we are in our high season. We currently have two cars, with which we are managing to install an average of 44 new air conditioners per week. Due to the high temperatures in Brazil, air conditioners' sales usually peak during this time of the year, which causes the demand for our services to increase.

Since two cars is not been enough for us to meet our demand, I've decided to acquire a new car. I have a pre-aproved 72-month credit line within my bank to buy cars, however their interest rate is considerably higher than anything I can get here on Bitbond. I also plan on making 36 monthly payments should my loan be funded here, which is half the time offered by my bank.

With a third car I believe we can raise the number of installations per week to as much as 70, which would represent an increase of roughly 50% to our revenues. That plus a good interest rate makes this the perfect investment opportunity.


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