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location_on KY, United States

thumb_up Borrowed 0.30 and $4,102 | 95% paid on time


account_balance_wallet 2,050 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in manufacturing

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Hello Investors!

RE-LIST. I canceled my previous listing for 6.9 bitcoins. I know I need to earn a reputation here. The previous listing’s funding had come to a standstill and I realized it’s because I need to earn your trust before being funded at that level or higher.

So, I am requesting a lower amount of 2.8 bitcoin.

What I Need the Money For: I will use the funds from this loan to payoff credit card debt and for a car repair (to continue to get to work).

How I Will Pay Back the Loan: I am a Buyer in Supply Chain Management for a global manufacturing company. I earn a good salary and yearly bonus. I also do freelance proofreading and editing and I earn $800+ a month from that. So, I have plenty enough income to cover my loan payments here.

Please Note: I want you to know that I am very serious about my reputation here as a borrower. I am one of the good ones and I will recommend other good borrowers.

Thanks for partnering with me.


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