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ID: 2F7A304JF4

Hi to all @ Bitbond
All my BTC loans I have spent on the house (from 2009).I need a lot more money.Investors can read about it in my loans at BTCJAM.House adaptation is a hole without a bottom.Last months i had a lot of expenses(laminate flooring,bathtub,sink,fridge,central heating parts).I would need 40 BTC to finish all the work(central heating,chimney,furniture,septic tank,kitchen).All wood work,electricity,water is done(windows, doors, door frames, laminate flooring,walls are painted).Some furniture I will use from old place.I moved in the new house 2 weeks ago even everything is not yet finished and that was because little guy came 10 days early it should happen 04.08.2015. but it was 24.07.2015 :-)
I need to finish up the work ASAP.
I know this is not appropriate but I also know there are some really rich people out there,if someone is ABLE and WANTS to help me speed up everything MY BTC wallet is: 1LdzYUPtMphRgYnYY1TpcYivPAjcyfxp5G
Thank you all in advance.


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