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location_on pa, United States

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account_balance_wallet 1,800 USD monthly income, self-employed

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Investment loan


This is a loan for Real Estate Investing in the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. The City of Pittsburgh has long held the record for it's high Real Estate Values. While the nation lost hundreds of millions of dollars in asset value the City of Pittsburgh held it's own in value. Let me qualify myself: in 1980 I met a guy named Raymond Como.Turned out to be a genius Real Estate Guru. While no longer engaged in this arena due to two failed marriages, his legacy and parts of it can still be seen here on the Internet. I have been in business for myself for almost 20 years. Yes like all businesses, I have had my ups and downs. I have $6,000 in cash as a reserve to this loan - I have approximately a $1000 in Bitcoin Investments. I work from time to time for another Real Estate Guru:
John Cline and do my own work Contruction/Demolition and a lot of my work comes from Angieslist. Payback appears to be 1/2 Bitcoin per month


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