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location_on YARACUY, Venezuela

warning Borrowed 0.40 | 0% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 200,000 VEF monthly income, salaried

business Works in other service activities

Working capital loan


Hi guys,

I started developing about 4 months ago with very limited time, resources and knowledge of Wordpress.

I worked day and night to get it this far, but I got side tracked along the way with other responsibilities and business ventures. I now realized that I want to reach my dream to complete this site and launch it on 1 September 2015 come what may.

My plans for the next 2-3 weeks are as follows:

1. I am hiring a developer to incorporate a BTC faucet in order to attract more visitors. I need to pay them and fund the faucet.
2. I want to start advertising the site in the next few days, which as you know, can be costly.
3. I need to upgrade some demo Wordpress plugins to premium before launch.
4. I want to start doing white hat SEO on the site ASAP and found a great plugin which I want to buy.

My current day job salary will be used to repay.

Please consider my request favourably.

Appreciate guys.


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