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location_on GA, United States

warning Borrowed $112 | 0% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 2,666 USD monthly income, self-employed

business Works in education

Working capital loan

ID: 2A1EP448RV

Requesting this loan in order to furnish my business' third location with high quality, modern equipment. I teach and certify healthcare professionals in AHA life support courses such as basic and advanced cardiac life support, as well as pediatric advanced life support.

All healthcare professionals must maintain this certification every 2 years in order to work.

Company was founded in 2012 and profitable within the first six months.

I've been teaching these courses for nearly 5 years and I am an Advanced EMT in the state of Georgia, as well. I also have a BSCS degree and have a broad understanding of technology and business.

Loan repayment will come from increased volume and revenue from courses taught and products sold.


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