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Borrower rating at loan publication

location_on Quebec, Canada

warning Borrowed 12.10 | 83% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 2,276 CAD monthly income, salaried

business Works in information and communication

Investment loan

ID: 22T1TR43B3

This listing is to be repaid with pay|salary I receive weekly. I invest with Bitcoins and most of time purchase 1(sometimes 2) btc at pay day as a investment. I trade on Cryptsys and take advantage of panic sellers with buy when they sell in hurry for low cost, and I sell at higher rate, of course.

There is 0.4 btc to repay my bitbond loan, which I published because it was fast to fund and it allowed me to start trading right away, the 0.4 is already working in trades at Cryptsys.

I repay this using cash from work income on a 4 or 6 weeks period of time 2 or 3, it will never take 6 months to repay, like my others I repay early always. Thanks!!


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