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location_on Ontario, Canada

thumb_up Borrowed 3.30 | 100% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 600 CAD monthly income, student

business Works in other service activities

Investment loan

ID: 22FWT7434X

What will these funds be used for? This is my second try to fund this reputation loan to increase my creditably, in case I require a larger loan. I will put these funds into buying hashing power. I will be paying back this loan from my current 10 TH mining. Day Job - Backup Funds I work as Network Administrator and build computers on the side for clients. Is 2FA enabled on your account? Yes, I have it fully enabled It is required for withdrawals. How will you pay this loan off? This loan will be paid off with BTC earned from mining and the sale of my computers. Why should we trust you? I have been a member of Bitbond since May 2014. Taking out 6 loans and repaid all 8 loans before the due date. Thanks for reading,


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