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location_on Michoacan, Mexico

warning Borrowed 1.49 | 37% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 330 MXN monthly income, self-employed

business Works in administrative and support service activities

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Hi, I need this amount for more profits through the various operations I have: Sale, arbitrage, day trading and investments.

Sales: In person, through Localbitcoin, and social networks. Since March 2013.

Arbitrage: Every day I look for opportunities in different exchanges, mainly in BTC/USD - BTC/XRP - BTC/MXN - BTC/LTC - BTC/DOGE. Since May 2014.

Day Trading: I have some bitcoins waiting sell orders are executed, and also bought with XRP, MXN or USD at a time when the price of various currencies down. Since May 2014.

Investments: I invest in many users, mainly BTCjam, a little less in BLC, and I'm starting on other loan platforms with users who already know. Since April 2014.

I do with my own bitcoins and MXN, but due to my current expenses, gains are minimal.

About me, I am currently co-admin of Bitcoin México group on FB (2402 members) and Bitcoin Perú (920 members), enthusiastic, I have invested in some users here, I promote the bitcoin at every opportunity.


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