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Borrower rating at loan publication

location_on ISRAEL, Israel

warning Borrowed 6.03 | 30% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 13,500 ILS monthly income, salaried

business Works in information and communication

Working capital loan

ID: 21X8WM42Q3

After repaying my previous loans, I am now looking for a long term loan to double the capacity of my cloud mining operation. High-level description of the system: My system monitors the major cloud mining sites for price changes, it is automatically buying GHS at the most optimal price. the system then uses the BTC payments from those cloud mining to either buy more GHS or hedging the current capital by buying and selling the BTC for USD or Euro. If the price of GHS starts to drop, the system automatically hedges the GHS to protect the initial capital (trailing stop). Currently, my system yields 3%-5% per week (actually closer to 10% during the last price rise). I am offering 15% to be repaid in 6 months (total of 50% return). like my previous loans, this loan will be repaid sooner if possible.


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