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Working capital loan


I love bitcoins! I am a mother of 2 who wants to earn additional income. I have a full-time job but my family and I would like to set-up a small yet income-generating business.

Our family would like to set up an internet café and mode of payment may be either through cash or bitcoins. Internet cafes are very lucrative in our area. People of all ages go and stay in internet cafes a lot. And it could spread awareness about bitcoins too.

Each computer set costs roughly 2 BTCs so we could just start with 5 or 6 sets until it'll boom and expand. We already have a space for this so we only need the computer sets. I hope you guys can help in our business and in spreading bitcoins!

Repayment would be done through my income and/or the internet cafe's income... so you can be assured that there will be repayment.

If you have any questions, you may email [email protected]


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