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location_on Gauteng, South Africa

insert_emoticon First time borrower

account_balance_wallet 1,335 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in information and communication

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I am an I.T Specialist with multiple certifications and courses, working in Server rooms and managing Virtual environments and Data Centers daily. I started becoming incredibly active in the cryptocurrency and bitcoin space, and currently in partnership with existing well established and wealthy bitcoin/blockchain enthusiasts, working on a business that we would like to get on the ground that consists of utilizing big data and Beowulf clusters to do data analysis and prediction analysis, amongst plenty other possibilities that we can utilize this hardware to do, An example: Fully-fledged Microsoft Lync environment in a cloud selling this as SaaS from our cloud, doing video encoding and unified communications. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have already provided integration services to law firms (yup, law firms) in the country. I am in need of loan consolidation to allow me to focus my repayments to a central location.


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