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location_on Khomas Region, Namibia

warning Borrowed $947 | 50% paid on time


account_balance_wallet 15,000 NAD monthly income, self-employed

business Works in mining and quarrying

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ID: 1Q09HQ3V61

I own a small farm in Namibia with high grade Copper Anomalies on it and within the surrounding farms. A Chinese company had an EPL over the area and subsequently drilled 2 Diamond drill holes on my property. The assay results are still with them and not for public consumption yet. However, Their EPL expired on 8th August 2014 and I then applied to register 2 Mining Claims on my farm. Process currently underway.

I need the loan to formalize due diligence on potential partners for a U$10MM loan. This will be for a Brick Making/Sand Mining project on the same property to engage in solid negotiations.
Email: [email protected]


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