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location_on Ontario, Canada

thumb_up Borrowed 3.30 | 100% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 600 CAD monthly income, student

business Works in other service activities

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This is a reputation loan to increase my creditably. In case I require a larger loan later on. I will be paying back this reputation loan from my mining, currently mining 6 TH's. I mine just under 0.1BTC a day.This loan will be paid off within 2 weeks. I want to try to limit the time your coins are tied up. My other two active loans will be paid off when confirmations are done and when Bitbond receives my email, feel free to drop some coins before or after the other loans are paid. I have attached my account picture, although it shows no coins in the account. The deposit address is there for you to check the coins are being sent to the account.

Account Photo: h t t p://

Bitbond Address: 1DmhWzyQrpya6WgchkcJC3qHuodrVM5pqs

Thank you for reading, hope you invest.


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