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location_on Gauteng, South Africa

insert_emoticon First time borrower

account_balance_wallet 50,000 ZAR monthly income, salaried

business Works in professional, scientific and technical activities

Working capital loan

ID: 1P2RWV3T46

I am a software developer java/Scala/ mobile. I recently started a company where I do development after hours of projects that I bid on on freelancer sites and some other small projects .

I need to graphic artist to help me design my website and also some money to formalise the business.
I am not quitting my day job. I will be doing all these projects part time after work. I earn ZAR48 000 a month around $4700 USD.
Thus the loan repayment can be paid off from my salary without depending on the trajectory of the business. I cannot pay the business startup costs once off. A web presence for my business is critical. Below is a link to my linked in profile.


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