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account_balance_wallet 1,136 GBP monthly income, salaried

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Investment loan


would like to comment on my current equipment, i have 2x antminer s1, i ordered the upgrade boards and they will arrive any day, i also have antminer s2, the upgrade will be out soon and i will be ordering it. I also have a gawminer blackwidow, and 6x gaw/zeus-- blizzard/fury mix, toral 21 mh/s, i have zencontrollers and also pcduino, and an android i custom programmed for a controller card, i also have 20mh/s on zencloud. Now (wishlist) Im looking to buy, my s2 upgrade, 8x antminer L1, a zues volcano, and an antminer s4, also 4-6x antminer s3's, i also want 7 gen3 zeus upgrade boards, i have 2.5 btc in hand and this loan is another 2.5, i guess i can pick what i want, the big problem half the items dont ship til december, so i guess i will buy what it currently availible and get the gen3 stuff soon... Electricity isnt extreemly cheap in my area, so im considering renting a warehouse out of state and setting up a cloud server... I wish... Will take time...


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