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location_on AZ, United States

warning Borrowed 2.00 | 66% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 1,766 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in electricity, gas, steam and air supply

Investment loan

ID: 1J7XFB3P62

Trust building Loan(Going to buy a beater car!)
I'm 30 years old, Disabled war vet, college grad. Not married, live pretty modest. Salesmen for Solar City in Phoenix AZ(my sales team is top in our region, and we are third in the nation.)
In the city I live in alone, we hold 52% of the market for Residential solar panel installs!

Anyways, I finally have the money to do some investing in myself, but I have bad credit so I can't even start with something as necessary as a vehicle.
That brings me to here! I would like a trust building investment loan so I may purchase a vehicle.
I would like to pay back my loan of .7 bitcoins in 1 payment.

I can provide my commission check amounts 1 month before I get them, so you can see I am able to pay back the loan amount. At the end of September, I recieve a 800 dollar commission check.
Thanks for your consideration!


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