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location_on NC, United States

thumb_up Borrowed 8.77 and $3,853 | 100% paid on time


account_balance_wallet 3,000 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in wholesale and retail trade; repair of vehicles

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Hello Investors,
I work full time as an Inside Sales and Marketing Manager for an Industrial Equipment company.
This loan will be used for 3 things:

1) Debt Consolidation: I have an active loan for 5 BTC on BTCJam with 2.416 BTC pending in payments. I would like to get off BTCJam.

2) Hardware Investment: I am currently mining away on the ZenCloud with average about 4,400 Gh/s with SHA256 I would like to use 2 BTC from this loan to reinvest in some additional mining hardware and use it to break an average of 5Th/s.

3) The rest of this loan will be used to "Long" BTC prices. Currently BTC prices are in a slump but this is not a bad thing. Knowledge and history of financial markets shows that the market moves in cycles. We are currently down but compared to a year ago we are still at multiples of the level that we were at 12 months ago. The remaining BTC will be used to hedging on Bitfinex.

Thank you


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