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Borrower rating at loan publication

location_on TN, United States

warning Borrowed 1.70 | 30% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 1,474 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in information and communication

Other loan

ID: 1A22DD3FX5

Rep loan as well as getting my software business listed on cryptostocks. I will be providing free trade software for various exchanges as well as arbitration software that will compare the separate exchanges for currencies of choice. the free version will be donation based and there will be a "pro" version that has a lot more options built into it. Any donations made through the free version will go towards the pro version. IE if you donate enough up to what the pro version costs you will get the pro version for free.

Any donations and purchases will go directly to the dividends payments on cryptostocks. estimated Profits from the current bot (only have one at the moment) is 0.5 BTC a month.


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