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Borrower rating at loan publication

location_on Victoria, Australia

warning Borrowed 2.70 | 66% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 6,600 AUD monthly income, self-employed

business Works in financial and insurance activities

Working capital loan

ID: 16009H3DJ9

Before I state what the loan is for let me introduce myself
My name is Rowan and I'm CEO of my online company BSR. At BSR we specialise in many web based and offline solutions such as web development, advertising and marketing, accounting and more.
We currently base our payments via cash but want to expand ourselves to Bitcoin and this loan will allow us to do so.
By accumulating the whole 3.7BTC, we will be able to:
- Establish a whole new project for our Bitcoin practices
- Begin development on our new Bitcoin based project
- Promotion and launch of our project

How will the loan be repaid?
Throughout the development and launch phase we will accumulate funds from other projects to sustain and pay the loan. We have many backups sources to cover the loan so no doubt it will be repaid the full amount by the specified time.

If you have any inquiries at a contact me at [email protected]
Thank you


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