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location_on TX, United States

warning Borrowed 1.14 | 0% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 2,500 USD monthly income, self-employed

business Works in construction

Investment loan

ID: 12C82P3C2J

We need a few smart investors to put forth the buying power to help us purchase more crypto mining hardware. Our last loan fell short of the required amount by about 40% and we need the entire amount to complete our purchase. This working capital will be used to buy five R9280x Graphics Processing Units.We are betting on Earthcoin because transactions are fast and processed in ten seconds in most cases. The Earthcoin website is well built and they are contributing to fighting hunger around the globe. Check out Earthcoin for your self and then consider investing in us. The mining difficulty is still low and we want to capitalize on that fact, so time is of the essence. We are calling on you yes you to help us make our vision a reality. We appreciate your consideration and we hope you decide to get on board with us.
Thank You,
(The Folks at Earthbound Mining Co.)


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