Profitable Bitcoin Lending
  • Get a 13% return on your bitcoin investments
  • Diversify your portfolio globally
  • Help grow businesses around the world
Bitbond was features in Forbes, Gigaom, CoinDesk and more

Profitable Marketplace lending With Bitbond

With an expected return of 13% pa. Bitbond provides a great opportunity to grow your wealth. With global marketplace lending, investors finally get access to a high-yield fixed income asset. Take this opportunity to help fund small business owners located in over 120 different countries, from Argentina to Zambia. On top of helping entrepreneurs reach their goals, you will also be able to diversify your portfolio like never before, spreading risk and maximising your returns.

Through years of hard work, we have developed a system which can accurately assess the creditworthiness of borrowers, regardless of their location. We combine the powers of a machine learning algorithm, with the eagle eye of our credit rating team, in order make sure that the borrowers we accept are reputable and reliable.

Here is why marketplace lending with Bitbond is the right fit for you:

  • Expected return of 13% pa.
  • NO FEES for investors.
  • Diversify your portfolio internationally
  • Help entrepreneurs from around the world grow their business
  • Use our AutoInvest tool to save time and earn high returns

Bitbond has been bringing investors and borrowers together since 2013, funding over 1,300 loans in the process. Our standards of excellence have been recognised by numerous trustworthy 3-party sites, such as Trustpilot and Ausgezeichnet, where we achieve a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. We have been nominated on several occasions, as one of the most promising fintech startups and are determined to keep building on the great work we have done so far.

Thus, Bitbond is the perfect place for your marketplace lending and we look forward to seeing you on the platform!

Profitable Marketplace lending

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Marketplace lending


Earn substantial profits with marketplace lending. Interest rates are around 20% and your expected rate of return is 13%.

profitable marketplace lending

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Lending on marketplaces

Bitcoin Technology

Bitcoin is a groundbreaking digital currency which allows you to lend internationally, at a very low cost.

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Diversify your portfolio internationally, while helping small business owners grow their business

Why Work with Bitbond

  • For self-managed investors who want to grow their savings
  • “Bitbond is the best way to make fixed income investments that I have ever seen”
  • All borrowers credit checked by Bitbond, and rated from ‘A’ to ‘F’
  • Join over 8,000 other happy lenders today
  • World coverage, support businesses in your preferred regions
  • Use our AutoInvest tool to save time and automate the lending process
  • Earn high interest rates and high returns
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This Fact Will Surprise You

Due to low interest rates, putting your money in a savings account will result in you losing money. Savings accounts typically pay as little as of 0.8% average percentage yield (APY) – check out this overview of savings account rates. There are other fixed income investments that provide a substantially higher yield and you should include them in your investment strategy.

On Bitbond you can make an average 13% APY on a globally diversified portfolio of small business loans. The difference this can make in your earnings is huge. Let’s say you put $1,000 aside. This is what you will earn in interest after 3 years

  • Savings account with 0.8% APY: $24
  • Bitbond with 13.0% APY: $443
  • Difference: $419

That means, putting your money in a savings account will make you lose $419. If you think you can afford this, leave your money at the bank. Otherwise try out Bitbond today.

Build a brighter future with Marketplace lending

With a currency not bound to any region, entrepreneurs around the world can shape their entrepreneurial vision, hereby strengthening their local economy and building a better future for their families and communities. Small companies hold the advantage of knowing exactly what kind of product or business their region needs and therefore manage to find profitable niches quickly and efficiently.

Through Marketplace lending, you support those dedicated start-ups creating something new, getting into local and international markets and supporting others, by creating jobs or finding new ways to use resources. Entrepreneurs taking up Bitcoin loans are also dedicated to paying their loans back in time. Our Marketplace lending platform makes sure, investors get to work with trustworthy borrowers. Therefor we credit check all members before completion of their first loan contract.

Effortless bitcoin investment with our AutoInvest tool

The AutoInvest tool lets you invest globally and build a portfolio in no time. It allows you to careful filter out those borrowers you want to support and those you do not, by determining location, credit risk, loan term and loan denomination. If you like to get into the Marketplace lending process on a more personal level, you get to choose which types of businesses and entrepreneurs you’d like to invest in, or what region you’d like to strengthen by supporting local small business owners. At interest rates of around 20% and an expected return rate of 13%, Marketplace lending will allow you to earn high profits at practically no effort at all.